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  1. Wedding Dresses, Wedding Gowns, Bridal Gowns, Accessories, Your New Zealand Online Bridal Gallery

  2. Trying to find the right dress, No bride should settle for second best..we have assembled a range of suppliers from around the world to provide you with options... we have provided you with such wide selection to choose from...lots of pictures of wedding dresses...we are sure you will find at least one that you like..

  3. We have selected wedding dresses from USA, UK, China and New Zealand

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  1. Some Sage Advise

  2. 1) Don't gaze too hard at wedding dresses you know are too expensive.

  3. It will only make you feel less pleased with the dress you end up wearing during the wedding. You should feel 100% good about yourself and the dress you're wearing on that special day.

  4. 2) Don't choose "fashionable & trendy" if it means sacrificing comfort and good fit.

  5. You wedding dress should fit YOU well, not someone else. YOU need to feel good about how YOU look in that dress. Remember, your wedding day IS one day when it's ALL about YOU. :)

  6. 3) Don't buy a dress you won't be comfortable in "all day long". That's right, you'll be in this dress a long time on that special day. If you're uncomfortable, you won't feel good about the dress and if you don't feel good about your wedding dress, people will notice.

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